Big Sky Law Firm, PLLC, offers dynamic legal representation to all members of the commercial real estate communities in Utah. Our client base is diverse and includes commercial property owners, landlords, property management companies and commercial tenants.

As a small boutique law firm, we have a dedicated focus on real estate law. We are not a general practice firm where lawyers can spread their attention too thin among multiple practice areas. Nor are we an impersonal large firm, where attorneys have so many clients they cannot offer the personal attention that each individual needs. When you work with Big Sky Law Firm, PLLC, you will have an experienced real estate attorney protecting your best interests and personally attending to your case.

Comprehensive Legal Representation For Commercial Real Estate Matters

Our lawyers provide a wide range of commercial real estate services with an emphasis on lease transactions and litigation. We also represent clients in general commercial property litigation. Some of our primary services in this area include:

  • Commercial lease agreements

  • Commercial lease violations

  • Commercial lease terminations

  • Commercial property management

  • Buying and selling of office and retail commercial property

  • Commercial real estate litigation

Having represented a significant number of commercial real estate landlords and tenants throughout Utah, we understand what is at stake for our clients in these important legal matters. Our lawyers bring an unparalleled work ethic to each matter and are highly regarded for our skilled representation.

At Big Sky Law Firm, PLLC, we represent commercial property owners and business tenants throughout Utah in all aspects of commercial lease agreements. Our legal services include lease drafting and review, lease negotiation, managing the landlord-tenant relationship, lease termination and landlord-tenant litigation.

Commercial leases can be extremely complex and many find it difficult to understand their rights and responsibilities without the help of an experienced real estate lawyer. When you work with our law firm, your matter will be handled directly by attorney Joel Kenny. Mr. Kenny has over 15 years of legal experience in Utah with a dedicated focus on real estate matters.

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Protect Your Company With A Solid Commercial Lease Contract

As experienced Utah real estate attorneys, we know that careful planning and thorough contract review can safeguard businesses from costly litigation in the future. We are meticulous in our drafting and evaluation of all commercial lease agreements, to ensure your best interests are protected now and throughout the life of the contract.

Our lawyers provide guidance on all issues pertaining to commercial leases. Our legal advice may address topics such as:

  • Rental costs and rent increases

  • Length of the lease

  • Common area maintenance fees

  • Allowable improvements

  • Use clauses

  • Subletting

  • SNDAs

  • Exclusivity clauses

  • Personal guaranties

  • Terminating the lease

We understand the importance of solid and legally enforceable commercial lease agreements. If your business is looking to enter into a new lease or renew an existing one, we can help ensure you are protected. If you are a commercial property owner or management company, our legal team can create an airtight contract to safeguard your rights now and into the future.

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If you own or manage a commercial property, your tenants are the lifeblood of your success but can also be your biggest headache. Having the right lawyer advise and represent you in legal matters relating to property management and landlord-tenant issues can mean the difference between a sound investment and costly litigation.

The commercial real estate law firm of  Big Sky Law Firm, PLLC, has been providing experienced legal advice and representation on behalf of commercial property owners and managers in the State of Utah for years. Before you enter into an office building, single office or retail space lease agreement in Utah, contact our law firm at 801-781-0460 or

Attorneys Helping You Protect Your Interests

We offer a complete range of services for investors, property managers and mortgage brokers, including:

  • Commercial lease agreements, drafted and reviewed

  • Disputes with tenants

  • Broken leases, property repairs and clean up

  • Risk management, mitigate liability

  • Employment issues

  • Maintenance requirements and liabilities

  • Construction disputes

  • Evictions and collections

Utah Commercial Property Disputes Lawyers

Every commercial property dispute does not have to end in costly litigation for the property owner or manager. We use our experience to help you understand the heart of the legal matter and come to terms in the right negotiated settlement that is the best outcome for you. Whether you are involved in a payment dispute, or recovering clean up and repair costs after an abandoned lease, let us use our experience to help you succeed.

Contact us to learn more about ways we can help you resolve your legal problems or maximize your opportunities in the world of commercial real estate and property management.

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Whether you are a property owner wanting to lease a building or a business owner seeking to secure a location from which to operate your business, you need a lawyer who will be a true legal partner.  It is vital that you find an attorney with whom you feel comfortable, someone who understands your needs, has the expertise to successfully defend your commercial real estate interests and who will competently have your back in every situation that arises.  Joel Kenny and his associates at Big Sky Law Firm, PLLC are that kind of legal partner.  They have the abilities required to successfully represent you in all your commercial real estate transactions.

Joel has over a decade of experience working in commercial real estate.  He and his team capably represent the interests of both landlords and tenants in a wide variety of commercial real estate transactions throughout Utah.  Call Joel for professional legal advice and representation regarding:

• Buying and selling commercial real estate  Joel is adept at handling delicate negotiations, due diligence, title and survey examination, escrow matters, and any required environmental reviews of your property.  This is no time to rely on generic contracts that may or may not adequately address your real estate challenges.  You need an ally in a commercial real estate negotiation and Joel will draft or review all contracts, giving you peace of mind that everything will be handled legally and in your best interests.

• Representing you in commercial landlord/tenant disputes, including assisting you with collecting unpaid rent, evictions, and handling all security deposit issues that arise -  We know how difficult and stressful these adversarial situations can be for you.  We also know that there are very specific laws and legal requirements regarding how they must be handled.  We will be your legal confidante and representative in dealing with every aspect of these unpleasant and adversarial situations; resolving them quickly, diplomatically, and with excellent results.

• Lease review and negotiation – Entering into a long-term contract as either the property owner leasing a location or as the lessee can place you in a vulnerable situation.  There are so many contingencies to consider.

 You need a legal adviser who knows all the pitfalls and fully understands your needs.  Joel Kenny and his team will take the worry out of all your lease negotiations.  We will thoroughly review all lease contracts and handle negotiations to ensure that your interests are well protected.

We encourage you to contact us early in your real estate dealings.  Real estate law is strict and unforgiving.   Failing to timely fulfill your contractual obligations or contractually obligating yourself to a contract that you do not fully understand can be very expensive.  Working with our attorneys early can save you a great deal of money and hassle down the road.

Attorney Joel Kenny is an experienced commercial property owner himself.  He understands the challenges you face and the pitfalls inherent in all commercial real estate transactions.  He is the ideal resource for you in writing commercial real estate contracts, negotiating your property transactions, and ensuring that all parties live up to their obligations under the law.

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